Sedation Dentistry

If you’re among the 30 million Americans who have an anxiety attack or break out into a sweat when it’s time to schedule a dentist appointment, consider sedation dentistry. Led by Ifeanyi Ezunu, DDS, the team at City Dental Clinic provides sedation dentistry to help relieve dental phobias so you can feel more relaxed during dental care. Don’t skip your dental cleanings and exams out of fear. Call the office in Norcross, Georgia, or book an appointment today to learn about sedation options.

Sedation Dentistry Q & A

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry provides substances that help patients with dental phobias remain calm and relaxed during dental treatments. The two most common forms of sedation dentistry are nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation.


Nitrous oxide

Nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas, is a sedative agent your dentist mixes with oxygen and delivers through a small mask over your nose. It promotes relaxation and helps prevent pain. Nitrous oxide doesn’t put you to sleep, so you can still communicate with the dentist.


Oral conscious sedation

Oral conscious sedation uses medication (usually in pill form) to deliver an amnesiac effect that keeps you calm and relaxed during your dental procedure. While you remain awake with oral conscious sedation, you may not remember much of the procedure.


What should I expect during sedation dentistry?

When using oral conscious sedation, you take the prescribed pill about an hour before your appointment to give the medicine time to take effect. You’re guided to the treatment room and settled into the chair for your visit, where the dentist may also use a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area.


After your appointment, you remain at the office until your medication wears off. You need someone to drive you to your appointment and then back home afterwards.


Am I a candidate for sedation dentistry?

If you are nervous about going to the dentist and are in good health, you’re a good candidate for sedation dentistry. The experienced team at City Dental Clinic wants to make your oral health care as comfortable as possible and offers laughing gas or oral sedation dentistry services if you want or need them.


Is sedation dentistry safe?

The team at City Dental Clinic completed rigorous training in sedation dentistry for determining proper doses of medication or laughing gas needed for each patient and how to safely administer them.


The medications used for oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide are FDA-approved for use during dental procedures. The experienced team and staff monitor your vitals closely while you’re under the effects of the medication or laughing gas.


Don’t avoid going to the dentist because you’re anxious or fearful. With sedation dentistry at City Dental Clinic, you can confidently receive the dental services you need while remaining comfortable and relaxed. Give the office a call or schedule your appointment online.